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You are flying car from the floor to the top of building's roof! Car Jump from the building's roof to other buildings you action stunt your car around this puzzles road of a fantasy world where highways are a thing of the past. There are huge and great jumps, mysterious tracks and outstanding stunts. Incredible challenges and view with bird's eye. Amazing and heart-stopping adventure experience.

Car Roof Jumping is challenging, stunt racing 3D and roof bounce game. You get ready to driving your off-road racing car in huge city where you have to get jump your car roof. Jump from given point on rooftop to other building rooftop and park your car on given platform. 2D glow arrows will guide you to the destination.

Features of Car Roof Jumping:
* Multiple color cars with realistic controls
* Great city game play environment
* New driving experience
* Apply realistic handling and physics
* So be as fast as possible
* Challenging levels master driving skills
* Experience of the building roofs driving
* Various camera angles that give you more beautiful views


City Car Roof Jumping stunts.apk 37 MB